Workplace Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention Programs – Updated! The Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) has identified noise and hearing loss prevention as a current enforcement priority across many sectors to check on the progress of workplaces towards complying with the requirements of the new Noise Regulation (O. Reg. 381/15), which became effective July 1, 2016. Also, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has recently updated their noise-related standards, including the standard regarding Hearing Protection Devices (Z94.2-14) which provides helpful information towards compliance with the new regulations. The next public updated offering of this popular 1-day training program is being planned in touristy St. Jacob’s, on the north edge of Kitchener-Waterloo, for Thursday, November 2, 2017. The cost is $339.00 (which includes HST). Similar to previous offerings, this program will: ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements, clearly explain the differences between point-in-time and dosimetry noise measurements, involve you in hands-on workshops using sound level meters and noise dosimeters, and examine typical spot-check and dosimetry results from a compliance perspective. Hearing protection devices – yes, you can even bring your own examples from your own workplace for the workshops – will be discussed in detail, including understanding the noise attenuation rating systems and calculation of effective noise levels to determine protection outcomes and facilitate selection of appropriate HPDs. Other common elements of a hearing loss prevention program will also be discussed. Registration is limited and primarily open to eligible participants by permission of the Instructor. To express interest, please send your inquiry by e-mail to kschouppe@oshtechinc.com. Expressions of interest are due by Friday October 13, 2017. Full registration is due by October 27, 2017.

About the Instructor: Kevin Schouppe is a Principal and Certified Professional Ergonomist with OSHTECH Ergonomics Group Inc., a privately-owned health and safety consulting and training company based in Waterloo, Ontario. He is an Associate Faculty Member at Conestoga College in Kitchener-Waterloo where he teaches the popular course “Fundamentals of Ergonomics” in the College’s OH&S Certificate program. This particular noise course offering is essentially an on-demand offering due to requests received during the college courses and other shorter noise workshops at other health and safety events during 2017, such as WSIB Safety Group Meetings. Attendees from those events will receive priority consideration for registration, however, some spaces are still anticipated to be available.

Kevin Schouppe, BSc. (Kin), CCPE
Associate Faculty, Conestoga College
OSHTECH Ergonomics Group Inc.