Managing and mitigating occupational & environmental health & safety issues

Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory analysis of air samples – dust, silica, asbestos testing, vermiculite insulation testing services, mold, VOCs, solvents, welding fumes, lead, and many other toxins. Accredited to ISO17025(2017).    Click here for our Chain of Custody.

Workplace Assessments

Compliance testing, exposure assessments, air quality investigations, health and safety investigations. Sampling of dusts, fumes, chemical vapours, odors, irritants, noise, vibration, effluent discharge, contaminated soils, etc.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering services for site assessments, regulatory permits and approvals, compliance, contaminant monitoring, air dispersion modelling by Aermod & SCREEN3, NPRI reporting, etc.

Safety Engineering

Safety engineering services – workplace inspections, job hazard analysis (JHA), equipment “pre-start engineering reviews (PSRs), confined space assessments, etc.

Ergonomics Services

Ergonomics consulting services for risk evaluation and reduction – physical demands profiling, musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) prevention,  regulatory compliance,  post-injury return to work ie. compatibility or job suitability determinations, etc.