There are a number of difficulties encountered for the assessment and remediation of former indoor marijuana grow operations, not the least of which is lack of power. The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) insists that such premises are safe and contaminant-free, before restoring power.  Dealing with municipal officials who regularly defer to public health for review and approvals can be equally problematic and may impose additional criteria.

Proof is required in the form of a property inspection report with a declaration signed by a hygiene or engineering professional attesting that conditions are fit for occupancy and free from biological and chemical hazards. Assessment and verification criteria for air quality target mould contamination residual from the “grow op”. According to the ESA virtually all applications (in Ontario) are eventually accepted. Before this happens, however, there can be lengthy delays to satisfy the restoration and testing requirements of the ESA /public health / property standards.

Arguably, the ESA requirements for mold testing and remediation of “grow ops” can be quite excessive in some cases.  Likewise public health criteria for “grow ops” are inconsistent and open to question. This is complicated and unfortunate for property owners and may involve destructive investigation, excessive air sampling and structural makeovers.

We have considerable experience in dealing with these matters and obtaining approvals.  For advice and assistance please contact us.