OSHTECH provides technical expertise along with a full range of consulting, testing & laboratory services for environmental assessments in factories,mining, offices, schools, specialized facilities, etc.

Managing worker health, safety and environmental issues may require

♦ Air Sampling

♦ Accredited Laboratory Services

♦ Exposure Assessments

♦ Compliance Testing

♦  Risk Reduction Strategies

♦  Safety Inspections

♦ Environmental Engineering.

We provide routine workplace testing, clearance monitoring, verification & compliance testing, hazardous substances assessments. We investigate exposures to

♦  irritant chemicals

♦ physical demands

♦ ergonomic risks

♦ unsafe working conditions.

Specialized engineering evaluations are performed to

♦ model air contaminant dispersion

♦ monitor discharges

♦ for pre-start health & safety review of equipment.

We perform various types of sampling surveys to assess potential hazards and protect workers against exposures to fumes, dusts, smoke, noise, vibration, heat, radiation, chemicals, molds, odors etc.  Sampling is an objective means of determining whether conditions are safe or acceptable.

OSHTECH has experienced staff, a wide range of sampling equipment, instruments and an AIHA (ISO 17025:2017) accredited laboratory for analysis. Testing is performed in:

    • industrial workplaces,
    • offices
    • commercial & institutional facilities
    • schools
    • homes

Situations are assessed for regulatory compliance, health and safety, air quality, complaint investigation, work stoppages, designated substance assessments (eg. asbestos, lead), effectiveness of remediation, facilities management, policy development, due diligence and various other reasons. Click here to read more or click here to contact us.

OSHTECH consulting services will assist with environmental compliance issues, due diligence and best practices regarding air emissions, noise, soil, and groundwater contamination.

We help prepare applications to the Ministry of Environment for Certificate of Approvals and conduct air sampling and noise measurement surveys to collect baseline information on emissions and contamination levels. Dispersion can be modeled to determine the potential environmental implications.

Services are available to help manage facilities including ventilation reviews, acoustical studies, vibration analysis, building inspections for asbestos, mold, and lead paint, etc. OSHTECH has a fully accredited laboratory and technical staff for collecting and analyzing bulk materials, contaminated surfaces and air samples. Other EHS professionals, corporations and communities requiring technical expertise, equipment, sampling supplies, analyses or professional support can request these services. Click here to learn more or click here to contact us.

OSHTECH Incorporated provides a full range of ergonomics consulting services including workplace assessments & remote support services for risk evaluation, Health & Safety Coordinators, etc. Click here to learn more.

  • Physical Demands Profile
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) Prevention Program
  • Ergonomic Change Team
  • Regulatory Compliance
  •  Risk evaluation
  • Implementation
  •  Return to work issues and suitability
  • 3rd party review of injuries for compatibility or job suitability

When office staff, teachers in schools, occupants of new buildings, those in recently renovated premises, etc. complain of air quality the situations can be perplexing. What can be causing headache, lethargy, a burning sensation in the eyes, an itchy cough – when there are no obvious air contaminants.  Often the indoor environment appears clean and there are no apparent sources to explain why.  Sometimes the problems seem to come and go. It’s difficult to establish a pattern.

From time to time one of the disconcerted or affected individuals will proffer an answer, suggesting “there is not enough oxygen.”  This is untrue as occupants would otherwise have suffocated. However, there may be problems with the supply of fresh air or the amount of air.  Likewise, contaminants may be present, but at threshold levels which are too low to perceive. From this breif description it should be clear that indoor air quality (IAQ) issues can be complex to sort out. Please click here to learn more.

We have conducted numerous indoor air quality investigations of this type. Each situation requires a different approach.  If you find yourself in a scenario like this & need assistance to resolve these problems please contact us.

The main focus of our safety consulting service is assess & reduce risks of exposures to hazardous conditions & hazardous environments at work, including environmental testing for excess accumulation of contaminants. Workplace safety inspections are conducted to determine whether production operations and conditions in a facility are acceptable and meet regulatory requirements. Among the services we provide are site inspections, job hazard analysis (JHA), equipment “pre-start engineering reviews (PSRs), confined space assessments, etc.

Click here to learn more or click here to contact us.

We conduct sampling surveys to identify the source and biological agent responsible for mold exposures and environmental allergies. We can test contamination ofmetal working fluidsin factories and air handling systems in buildings, etc. Potential sources, propagation patterns and relationship/ significance/ impacts to health are studied.

OSHTECH consultants have conducted numerous studies in schools, commercial facilities, residences, office buildings, courthouses, factories, etc. to help investigate and resolve these issues. We assist with exposure assessments, investigations of environmental sensitivities and verification testing following abatement. Click here to learn more or click here to contact us.

Mining operations may expose workers to a wide range of mineral dusts containing silica, heavy metals, nuisance particulates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), diesel exhaust emissions during extraction, grinding, separation, and transport.

OSHTECH provides expert services for laboratory analysis and professional support to assist with sampling campaigns, worksite evaluations, compliance verification, etc. Click here for more information.

Welding Fume Sampling