Concern about mold exposures has grown drastically over the past few years. Problems have been identified with substandard construction of homes, damp basements, floods, water leaks, sewer backups, roof leaks in schools, broken pipes in office buildings, etc. These can require substantial remediation. For this reason it is important to establish the condition of the building.

Don’t be misled by comments that mold is “toxic” for you. This is very rare. Mold infections are also possible, but uncommon. Allergic effects of mold such as hay fever (rhinitis), allergy induced asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, aspergillosis/mycosis, & sinus inflammation are the real issues.

Sampling may be a useful adjunct when assessing these type of exposures, addressing concerns from anxious owners, undertaking property restoration or financing of property transactions. Also, for workers in particular occupational groups they may have potential for greater exposures. We provide a range of testing and laboratory services to help investigate & resolve mold concerns. If you require assistance with any of the following services please contact us:

  • Mold inspection of the home, school or office
  • Air sampling of mold, pollen, bacteria and endotoxins in the work environment
  • Assessment of water damaged building materials
  • Analysis and identification /speciation of molds spores
  • Concerns about musty odours & MVOCs derived from hidden mold
  • Tape lift sampling of surface contamination for mold
  • Clearance assessment after repair and clean-up of mold
  • Inspection of marijuana grow-up facilities for ESA power restoration

OSHTECH is registered as an NAB (National Allergy Bureau) testing facility, the only one in Canada. Throughout the year, except in winter, we conduct ambient daily sampling for accurate mold and pollen counts. To view current mold & pollen counts for London, ON  click on the NAB logo to the right.