Our laboratory provides services to a wide spectrum of clients ranging from large government agencies to public & private sector corporations, environmental consultants, community service agencies, large and small institutions, including individual realtors and property owners.   We offer an extensive list of standard analyses ie.  NIOSH, OSHA, & HSE Methods, with the backing of industrial hygiene expertise. Our  laboratory provides reliable, legally defensible, high-quality analytical and exemplary customer service.  The guide below lists some of the standard test methods offered by the laboratory. For research and for other methods of analysis not listed please contact us.

Analyte CAS Number Sampling Media Analytical Technique MethodMethod Number
Abietic Acids (total)514-10-3GFHPLC UVOSHACSI
Acenaphthene (available PAH scan)83-32-9PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Acenaphthylene (available in a PAH scan)208-96-8PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Acetaldehyde (available in a aldehyde scan)75-07-0SG+DNPHHPLC UVNIOSH, EPA2018, TO-11A
Acetic Acid64-19-7SGICOSHAID186SG
Acetic Acid64-19-7CSCICOSHAPV2119
Acetone67-64-1CSC, CBGC FIDNIOSH, NIOSH1300, 2555
Acetonitrile75-05-8CSC LGC FIDNIOSH, OSHA1606, 07
Acetylene Tetrabromide (see Tetrabromoethane (1,1,2,2-))79-27-6
Acids (inorganic) - individual (available in a acid scan)ICNIOSH7903
Acrolein (semi quantitative) (available in an aldehyde scan)107-02-08SG+DNPHHPLC UVLABSOP
Acrylic Acid79-10-7Anasorb 708HPLC UVOSHA28
Acrylonitrile 107-31-1CSCGC FIDNIOSH1604
Alkaline Dust; Alkalinity-PTFETitrationNIOSH7401
Allyl Alcohol107-18-6CSCGC FIDNIOSH1402
Aluminum (available in a metal scan)7429-90-5MCEFAAS ICPNIOSH, OSHA7013, 7300 ID121
2-Aminoethanol (see Ethanolamine)141-43-5XAD2+NITCHPLC UVOSHAPV2111
Ammonia7664-41-7SG+H2SO4VISNIOSH6015 wm
Amyl Acetate (n-)628-63-7CSCGC FIDNIOSH1450
Aniline62-53-3SGGC NPD/FIDNIOSH2002 wm
Anthracene (available in a PAH scan)120-12-7PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Antimony (available in a metal scan)7440-36-0MCEFAAS ICPNIOSH, OSHA7013, 7300 ID121
Antimony trioxide (see antimony) 1309-64-4MCEFAAS ICPNIOSH, OSHA7013, 7300 ID121
Arsenic (available in a metal scan)7440-38-2MCEFAAS ICPNIOSH, OSHA7013, 7300 ID121
Asbestos Bulk-BulkPLMEPA600/R-93/116
Asbestos Bulk in Vermiculite-BulkPLMEPA600/R93/116
Asbestos Fiber Count-Air, on MCEPCMNIOSH7400
Asbestos Fiber CountAir, on MCETEM
Asbestos - Surface ContaminationqualitativeWipesPCMOSHTECHSOP
Asphalt Fumes (Benzene Soluble Fraction)-pre-weighed PTFEExtraction, GravimetricNIOSH5042
Asphalt Fumes (as BSF), plus inhalable particulates-pre-weighed PTFEExtraction, GravimetricNIOSH MDHS5042 14/3
Barium (available in a metal scan)7440-39-3MCEFAAS ICPNIOSH, OSHA7056, 7300 ID121
BCEE [bis(2-Chloroethyl) Ether] (syn. Dichloroethyl ether)111-44-4
BCME [Bis(Chloromethyl)Ether] (syn. Dichloromethyl ether)542-88-1GC/ECDNIOSH OSHAP&CAM 220 10
Benzaldehyde (available in a aldehyde scan)100-52-7SG+DNPHHPLC UVNIOSH EPA2016 TO-11
Benzene (available in a BTEX pkg)71-43-2CSCGC/FIDNIOSH1501
Benzene Solubles (for Coal Tar Pitch Volatiles, for Coke Oven Emissions)-PTFEExtraction, GravimetricNIOSH5042
Benzo(a)anthracene (available in a PAH scan)56-55-3PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Benzo(a)pyrene (available in a PAH scan)50-32-8PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Benzo(b)fluoranthene (available in a PAH scan)205-99-2PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Benzo(g,h,I)perylene (available in a PAH scan)191-24-2PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Benzo(k)fluroanthene (available in a PAH scan)207-08-9PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Beryllium (available in a metal scan)7440-41-7MCEFAAS ICPNIOSH, OSHA7013, 7300 ID121
Biphenyl (see Diphenyl)92-52-4TENAX GC/FIDNIOSH2530
Bismuth (available in a metal scan)7440-69-6MCEFAAS ICPNIOSH, OSHA7013, 7300 ID121
Bisphenol A80-05-7GFHPLC UVOSHACSI
Blaser Herbicide (see Acifluorfen Sodiun Salt)62476-59-9
Boron (available in a metal scan)7440-42-8MCEFAAS ICPNIOSH, OSHA7013, 7300 ID121
Bromoethane (see Ethyl Bromine)74-96-4CSCGC/FIDNIOSH 1011
Bromoform75-25-2CSCGC FIDNIOSH1003
Bromopropane106-94-5CSCGC FIDNIOSH 1025
Butadiene (1,3-)10-99-02 x CSC GC FIDNIOSH1024
1-Butanol (syn. 1-Butyl Alcohol)71-36-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH 1400
2- Butanol78-92-2CSCGC/FIDNIOSH1401
n- Butanol (syn. n-Butyl Alcohol)71-36-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH1400
Butanone Oxime (2-)96-29-7XAD4GC FIDOSHACSI
Butanone-278-93-3CBGC/FIDNIOSH2500, 2555
Butoxyethanol (2-)111-76-2CSCGC FIDNIOSH1403
Butoxyethyl Acetate-2112-07-2CSCGC FIDOSHA83
Butyl Acetate (n-)123-86-4CSCGC FIDNIOSH1450
Butyl acrylate (semi quantitative)141-32-2GC FIDOSHTECH
Butyl Alcohol (n-)71-36-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH1400
Butyl Alcohol (sec-) (syn 2-Butanol)78-92-2CSCGC FIDNIOSH1401
Butyl Alcohol (tert-)75-65-0CSCGC FIDNIOSH1400
Butyl Cellosolve (syn. 2-Butoxyethanol)111-76-2CSCGC FIDNIOSH1403
Butyl Glycidyl Ether2426--08-6CSCGC FIDNIOSH1616
Butylamine (n-)109-79-9SG+H2SO4GC NPDNIOSH2012
Butyraldehyde123-72-8SG+DNPHHPLC UVNIOSH EPA2016 TO-11
Cadmium (available in a metal scan)231-152-8MCEFAAS ICPNIOSH, OSHA7048, 7300 ID 121
Calcium Hydroxide (as Alkaline Dust)1305-62-0PTFETitrationNIOSH7401
Calcium Hydroxide (as calcium) 1305-62-0MCEICPNIOSH7300
Caprolactam (γ)105-60-2XAD7 OVSGC FID HPLC UVOSHTECH, OSHASOP PV2012
Capsaicin404-86-4GFHPLC UVNIOSH5041
Carbon (Elemental, Organic, Total) -QUARTZGC/EGANIOSH5040
Carbon Black1333-86-4PVCGravimetricOSHAID196
Carbon Disulphide75-15-0CSC + DTGC FPDNIOSH1600
Cellosolve Acetate (syn. 2-Ethoxyethyl Acetate, Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether Acetate, EGEEA)111-15-9CSCGC/FIDNIOSH OSHA1450, 7
Ceramic Fibers-MCE PCMNIOSH7400
Ceramic Fibers-MCE TEM
Ceramic Fibers (bulk)-MCE TEM
Chloramines (as nitrogen trichloride)10025-85-1Treated filterISEOSHTECHSOP
Chlorinated Hydrocarbons (available in a scan)
Chlorine7782-50-5PTFE & SMICNIOSH6011
Chlorine & Chlorine Dioxide7782-50-5 & 10049-04-4TitrationOSHAID126 SGX
Chloroform67-66-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH1003
Chlorpyrifos (syn. Dursbane)2921-88-2NIOSH, OSHA5600 62
Chromic Acid (see Chromium Hexavalent)18540-29-9PVCVISNIOSH7600
Chromium (available in a metal scan)7440-47-3MCEFAASNIOSH, OSHA7024, ID121
Chromium Hexavalent (syn. Chromium VI)18540-29-9PVCVISNIOSH7600
Chromium Hexavalent (syn. Chromium VI)18540-29-9IC
Chromium - soluble7440-47-3MCEFAASNIOSH, OSHA7024, ID121
Chrysene (available in a PAH scan)218-01-9PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Coal Tar Naphtha (see Naphtha)8030-30-6
Coal tar pitch volatiles (as Benzene Soluble Fraction)65996-93-2PTFEExtraction, GravimetricNIOSH5042
Coal tar pitch volatiles (speciated compounds)65996-93-2GC/MS
Cobalt (available in a metal scan)7440-48-4MCEFAASNIOSH, OSHA7027, ID 121
Colophony (see abietic acids, see rosin core solder decomposition8050-09 7
Coke Oven Emissions (as Benzene Soluble Fraction)-PTFEExtraction, GravimetricNIOSH5042
Combustible dust- organic content-PVCcombustion, GravimetricLABSOP
Copper (available in a metal scan)7440-50-8MCEFAAS ICPNIOSH, OSHA7029, 7300, ID 121
Cresol (total of 3 mixed isomers)1319-77-3XAD7GC FIDNIOSH2546
Cresol (total of 3 mixed isomers)1319-77-3XAD7HPLC UVOSHA32
Cresol (speciated for 3 isomers)XAD7GC/FIDNIOSH2546
Cresol (speciated for 3 isomers)XAD7HPLC UVOSHA32
Cresol (individual)(for one of three isomers -m,o,p) 108-39-4 95-48-7 106-44-5XAD7GC/FIDNIOSH2546
Cresol (individual)(for one of three isomers -m,o,p) 108-39-4 95-48-7 106-44-5XAD7HPLC UVOSHA32
Cristalline Silica (both Quartz and Cristobalite) tridymite not speciated14808-60-7 14464-46-1PVCFTIRNIOSH7602
Cristobalite bulk14464-46-1BulkFTIRNIOSH7602 wm
Cristobalite in soil14464-46-1SoilFTIRNIOSH7602 wm
Crotonaldehyde (available in an aldehyde scan)4170-30-3SG+DNPHHPLC UVNIOSH EPA2016 TO-11
Cumene (syn. Isopropyl benzene)98-82-8CSCGC FIDNIOSH1501
Cumene Hydroperoxide80-15-9OSHA
Cyanide - salts (aerosol)74-90-8PVCUV VISNIOSH6010
Cyclohexane 110-82-7CSCGC FIDNIOSH1500
Cyclohexanone (syn. Cyclohexyl ketone)108-94-1CSCGC FIDNIOSH1300
n-Decane124-18-5CSCGC FIDNIOSH1501
DEHP (see Di(2-ethyl hexyl) phthalate (available in a phthalate scan)117-81-7OVS TENAXOSHA104
DETA (see Diethylenetriamine)111-40-0Treated XAD-2HPLC UVNIOSH OSHA2540 60
Diaceton Alcohol123-42-2CSCGC FIDNIOSH1402
Dibasic Esters (mixture)-CSCGC FIDOSHAPV2019
Dibenzo(a,h)anthracene (available in a PAH scan)56-55-3PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Dibutyl phthalate (available in a phthalate pkg)84-74-2OVS TENAXOSHA104
Dichlorobenzene (total) mixture of both o,p isomersCSCGC/FIDNIOSH1003
Dichlorobenzene (speciated ) for both o,p isomers95-50-1, 106-46-7CSCGC/FIDNIOSH1003
Dichlorobenzene (1,2-) o- isomer95-50-1CSCGC/FIDNIOSH1003
Dichlorobenzene (1,4-) p- isomer106-46-7CSCGC/FIDNIOSH1003
Dichloroethane (total) mixture of both 1,1 and 1,2 isomersCSCGC FIDNIOSH1003
Dichloroethane (speciated ) for both 1,1 and 1,2 isomersCSCGC/FIDNIOSH1003
Dichloroethane (1,1-) single isomer75-34-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH1003
Dichloroethane (1,2-) single isomer107-06-2CSCGC FIDNIOSH1003
Dichloroethylene (1,2-)540-59-0CSCGC FIDNIOSH1003
Dichloroethyl ether (syn. bis 2-Chloroethyl Ether, BCEE)111-44-4
Dichloromethane (syn. Methylene chloride)75-09-22 CSCGC FIDNIOSH1005
Dichloromethane (syn. Methylene chloride)75-09-2CBGC FIDOSHA80
Dichloromethyl ether (syn. bis 2-Chloroethyl Ether, BCME)542-88-1
Diesel Fuel-CSCGC FIDNIOSH1550
Diesel Particulate Matter (as Carbon - Elemental, Organic, Total) DPM-QUARTZGC/EGANIOSH5040
Diethylamine109-98-7SGGC NPDNIOSH2010
Diethylene Glycol111-46-6XAD7 OVSGC FIDNIOSH5523
Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether111-90-0CSCGC FIDOSHAPV2013
Diethylethamine (N,N-) (see triethylamine)121-44-8
Diethylenetriamine (DETA)111-40-0NIOSH OSHA2540 60
Diethyl Ether (see Ethyl Ether)60-29-7CSCGC FIDNIOSH1610
Di(2-ethyl hexyl) phthalate - DEHP (available in a phthalate scan)117-81-7OVS TENAXOSHA104
Diethyl Ketone (see Pentanone-3)96-22-0
Diethyl Phthalate (available in a phthalate scan)84-66-2Tenax OVSGC FIDOSHA104 wm
Diisononyl Phthalate (available in a phthalate scan)28553-12-0MCEHPLC UVLABSOP
Dimethylacetamide127-19-5SGGC FIDNIOSH2004
Dimethyl Adipate627-93-0CSCGC FIDOSHAPV2019
Dimethylamine124-40-3XAD2+NITCHPLC UVLABSOP
Dimethylamine124-40-3SGGC NPDNIOSH2010
Dimethyl Aniline (2,4-)95-68-1SGGC NPDNIOSH2002
Dimethyl Aniline (N,N-)121-69-7SGGC NPDNIOSH2002
Dimethylethanolamine108-01-0GC FIDNIOSH 2561
Dimethyl formamide68-12-12SGWGC/FIDNIOSH2004
Dimethyl Glutarate1119-40-0CSCGC FIDOSHAPV2020
Dimethyl Isopropyl Amine (DMIPA)996-35-0XAD-7GC NPDNIOSH 2561 wm
Dimethyl Phthalate (available in a phthalate scan)131-11-3Tenax OVSGC FIDOSHA104 wm
Dimethyl Succinate106-65-0CSCGC FIDOSHAPV2021
Dimethyl-p-toluidine (N,N-)99-97-8SGGC NPDNIOSH2002
Dinitrozobenzene (Poly-p-)9003-34-32 MCEFTIRLABSOP
Dioctylphthalate (iso-) (see phthalate pkg)27554-26-3Tenax OVSGC FIDOSHA104 wm
Dioctylphthalate (n-) (available in a phthalate scan)117-84-0MCEGC FIDOSHA
Dioxane (1,4-)123-91-1CSCGC FIDNIOSH1602
Diphenyl (syn Biphenyl)92-52-4TENAX GC/FIDNIOSH2530
Dipropylene Glycol24800-44-0XAD7GC FIDLABSOP
Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether (syn. Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether) 34590-94-8CSCGC/FIDOSHA101
Dodecane-n 112-40-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH1550
DPM (syn. Diesel Particulate Matter) see Carbon (Elemental, Organic, Total)-QUARTZGC/EGANIOSH5040
Dursban (see Chloropyrifos)2921-88-2OVS 2 TubeGC FPDNIOSH OSHA5600 62
Dust Inhalable (PNOS)-MCE or PVC with IOMGravimetricMDHS14
Dust Inhalable (PNOS)-MCE or PVC without IOMGravimetricMDHS14
Dust Respirable (PNOS)-PVC, MCEGravimetricNIOSH600
Dust Thoracic (Total) PNOS -PVC, MCE, GFGravimetricNIOSH500
EDA (see Ethylenediamine)107-15-3
EGEEA - Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether Acetate (syn. 2-Ethoxyethyl Acetate, Ethyl Cellosolve Acetate)111-15-9CSCGC/FIDNIOSH OSHA1450, 7
Epichlorohydrin106-89-8CSCGC/FIDNIOSH 1010
Ethanol (see Ethyl Alcohol)64-17-5CSCGC FIDNIOSH1400
Ethanolamine (2-) (see aminoethanol compounds)141-43-5SGGC FIDNIOSH2007
Ethanolamine (2-)141-43-5XAD2+NITCHPLC UVOSHAPV2111
Ethoxy Ethanol-2 (syn. Ethylene glycol monoethyl ether) EGEE110-80-5CSCGC/FIDNIOSH1403
Ethoxyethyl Acetate, 2- (syn. EGEEA (Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether Acetate, Ethyl Cellosolve Acetate)111-15-9CSCGC/FIDNIOSH OSHA1450, 7
Ethyl 1-Hexanol (2-)104-76-7CSCGC FIDOSHACSI
Ethyl Acetate 141-78-6CSCGC FIDNIOSH1457
Ethyl acrylate140-88-5CSCGC FIDNIOSH1450
Ethyl Alcohol (syn. Ethanol)64-17-5CSCGC FIDNIOSH1400
Ethyl Amyl Ketone541-85-5CSC, CBGC/FIDNIOSH1301, 2553
Ethyl benzene100-41-4CSCGC FIDNIOSH1501
Ethyl Bromide74-96-4CSCGC FIDNIOSH1011
Ethyl Butyl Ketone106-35-4CSC, CBGC/FIDNIOSH1301, 2553
Ethyl Cellosolve (see 2-Ethoxyethanol)110-80-5CSCGC/FIDNIOSH OSHA1403, 7
Ethyl Cellosolve Acetate (see. 2-Ethoxyethyl Acetate, EGEEA)111-15-9CSCGC/FIDNIOSH OSHA1450, 7
Ethyl 2 cyanoacrylate7085-85-0tenaxLABSOP
Ethyl Ether60-29-7CSCGC FIDNIOSH1610
Ethyl methacrylate97-63-2XAD2GC/FIDNIOSH2537
Ethylenediamine107-15-3Treated XAD-2HPLC UVNIOSH OSHA2540 60
Ethylene Dichloride (see Dichloroethane)107-06-2
Ethylene Glycol107-21-1XAD7 OVSGC FIDNIOSH5523
Ethylidene Chloride (see Dichloroethane 1,2-)-
Fibre GlassMCEPLMNIOSH 7400
Fiber identification (bulk) see asbestos methods. Ceramic fibres-PLM
Fiber count (see asbestos fibers methods. See ceramic fibres)-PCM
Fluoranthene (available in a PAH scan)206-44-0PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Fluorene (available in a PAH scan)86-73-7PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Fluoride gaseous (see Hydrogen Fluoride)7664-39-3Cellulose Pad treatedISENIOSH 7902
Fluorides soluble-MCEISENIOSH7902
Formaldehyde (available in an aldehyde scan)50-00-0SG+DNPHHPLC UVNIOSH2016
Formaldehyde50-00-03M MonitorVISOSHAID205
Formaldehyde (in dust, bulk)50-00-0PVCHPLC UVNIOSH5700
Freon 112 (see Tetrachloro-1,2-Difluoroethane (1,1,2,2-))76-12-0 EPATO-17
Freon 112A (see Tetrachloro-2,2-Difluoroethane (1,1,1,2-))76-11-9EPATO-17
Freon 113 (see Trichloro-1,2,2-Trifluoroethane (1,1,2-))76-13-1EPATO-17
Freon 12 (see Dichlorodifluoromethane)75-71-8EPATO-17
Freon 21 (see Dichlorofluoromethane)75-43-4EPATO-17
Freon 22 (see Chlorodifluoromethane)75-45-6EPATO-17
Furfural98-01-1Treated XAD-2GC FIDNIOSH2529
Furfuryl Alcohol98-00-0Porapak Q GC FIDNIOSH 2505
Furfuryl Aldehyde (see Furfural)98-01-1Treated XAD-2GC FIDNIOSH2529
Glutaraldehyde111-30-8SG+DNPHHPLC UVNIOSH2532
Glutaraldehyde111-30-82 GF+DNPHHPLC UVOSHA64
Gold (available in a metal scan)7440-57-5MCEFAASOSHAID121
HDI (see Hexamethylene Diisocyanate)822-06-0GF+1,2PPHPLC UVOSHA42
Heavy Naphtha Hydrotreated (see Naphtha)-CSCGC FIDNIOSH1550
Heptane (n-)142-82-5CSCGC FIDNIOSH1500
Heptanone-4 (see Dipropyl Ketone)-
Hexamethylene Diisocyanate822-06-0GF+1,2PPHPLC UVOSHA42
Hexane (n-)110-54-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH1500
Hexanediol diacrylate (1,6-)13048-33-4Chrom 106GC FIDOSHAPV2133
Hexanol (n-)111-27-3CSCGC FIDLABSOP
Hexavalent Chromium (see Chromium Hexavalent)18540-29-9PVCVISNIOSH 7600
Hydrochloric Acid (see Hydrogen Chloride)7647-01-0SGWICNIOSH7903
Hydrogen Chloride7647-01-0SGWICNIOSH7903
Hydrogen Cyanide74-90-8Soda-limeVISNIOSH6010
Hydrogen Fluoride7664-39-3Cellulose Pad treatedISENIOSH7902
Hydrogen Peroxide7722-84-1ImpingerVISOSHAVI 6
Hydrogen Sulfide7783-06 04CSCICNIOSH6013
Hydroquinone123-31-9MCEHPLC UVNIOSH5004
Indeno(1,2,3-c,d)pyrene (available in a PAH scan)193-39-5PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Inhalable Dust/Particulate (PNOS)-MCE or PVC with IOMGravimetricMDHS14
Inhalable Dust/Particulate (PNOS)-MCE or PVC without IOMGravimetricMDHS14
IPA (see Isopropyl Alcohol)67-63-0CSCGC FIDNIOSH1400
IPDI (see Isophorone Diisocyanate)4098-71-9GF+1,2PPHPLC UVOSHA2034
Iron (available in a metal scan)7439-89-6MCEFAASOSHAID121
Isooctane540-84-1CSCGC FIDNIOSH1500
Isophorone Diisocyanate4098-71-9GF+1,2PPHPLC UVOSHA2034
Isopropyl Alcohol67-63-0CSCGC FIDNIOSH1400
Isopropylbenzene (see Cumene)98-82-8CSCGC FIDNIOSH1501
Kerosene8008-20-6CSCGC FIDNIOSH1550
Laquer Thinner-CSCGC FIDNIOSH1550
Lead (available in a metal scan)7439-92-1MCEFAASNIOSH, OSHA7082, ID 121
Lead in paint (bulk)7439-92-1BulkFAASNIOSH, OSHA7082, ID 121
Lead in surface wipe sample7439-92-1SwipeFAASNIOSH, OSHA7082, ID 121
Limonene (-d)138-86-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH1552
Lithium7439-93-2MCEICP, FAAS NIOSH, OSHA7300 ID121
Magnesium (available in a metal scan)7439-95-4MCEICP, FAAS NIOSH, OSHA7300 ID121
Maleic anhydride108-31-6ImpingerHPLC UVNIOSH3512
Manganese (available in a metal scan)7439-96-5MCEICP, FAAS NIOSH, OSHA7300 ID121
Manmade Fibers (see asbestos fibers)-
MBK (see Hexanone-2)591-78-6CSCGC FIDNIOSH 1300
MDA (see Methylenedianiline (4-,4-))101-77-9GF + H2SO4HPLC UVNIOSH 5029
MDI (see Methylene Bisphenyl Diisocyanate)101-68-8GF+1,2PPHPLC UVOSHA47
MEK (see Butanone-2)78-93-3CBGC FIDNIOSH 2500, 2555
Mercury Vapour7439-97-6HopcaliteAA CVNIOSH6009
Mercury Vapour and Dust7439-97-6Hopcalite & MCEAA CVNIOSH6009
Mercury - surface contamination on swipes7439-97-6swipesAA CV
Mesitylene (see Trimethylbenzene (1,3,5-))108-67-8
Metal Working Fluid-pre-weighed PTFEExtraction, GravimetricNIOSH5524
Methanol67-56-1SGGC FIDNIOSH2000
Methoxy-2-Propanol (1-)107-98-2CB, CSCGC FIDNIOSH, OSHA2554,99
Methyl Acrylate96-33-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH1459
Methyl Alcohol (see Methanol)67-56-1SGGC FIDNIOSH2000
Methyl Amyl Ketone110-43-0CSC, CBGC FIDNIOSH1301, 2553
Methyl Butyl Ketone (see Hexanone-2)591-78-6CSCGC FIDNIOSH 1300
Methyl Cellosolve (see Methoxy Ethanol (2-))109-86-4CSCGC FIDOSHA79
Methyl Cellosolve Acetate (see Methoxyethyl Acetate (2-))110-49-6CSCGC FIDOSHA79
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (see Butanone-2)78-93-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH2500, 2555
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone108-10-1CSC, CBGC FIDNIOSH1300, 2555
Methyl Methacrylate80-62-6XAD2GC FIDNIOSH2537
Methyl Propyl Ketone (see Pentanone-2)
Methyl Styrene (p-) (see Vinyl Toluene (p-))622-97-9
Methyl-1-Propanol (2-) (see Isobutyl Alcohol)-
Methyl-2-Pyrrolidinone (N-)872-50-4CSCGC FIDNIOSH1302
Methylene Bisphenyl Diisocyanate101-68-8GF+1,2PPHPLC UVOSHA47
Methylene Chloride (see Dichloromethane)75-09-2
Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate (see Methylene Bisphenyl Diisocyanate)101-68-8
Methylenedianiline (4-,4-)101-77-9GF+H2SO4HPLC UVNIOSH5029
MIBK (see Methyl Isobutyl Ketone)108-10-1
Microscopy digital, descriptive-BulkPCMLABSOP
Mineral Oil-PTFE IRNIOSH5026
Mineral Spirits-CSCGC FIDNIOSH1550
Molybdenum7439-98-7MCEICP, FAAS NIOSH, OSHA7300 ID121
MTBE (see Methyl tert-Butyl Ether)-
MWF (see Metal Working Fluid)-pre-weighed PTFEExtraction, GravimetricNIOSH5524
Naphthalene91-20-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH1501
Naphthalene (available in a PAH scan)91-20-3PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Nickel (available in a metal scan)7400-02-0MCEICP FAASNIOSH OSHA7300, ID121
Nickel Inhalable soluble7400-02-0MCEFAASMDHS42
Nickel Inhalable total7400-02-0MCEFAASMDHS42
Nicotine54-11-5XAD2GC NPDNIOSH2544
Nicotine54-11-5XAD4GC NPDNIOSH2551
Nicotine54-11-5TDGC / MSEPA TO-17
Nitric Acid 7697-37-2SGWICNIOSH7903
Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide10102-43-9; 10102-44-0Zeolite treated + OxidizerVISNIOSH, OSHA6014, ID190
Nitromethane75-52-5Chrom 106GC FIDNIOSH2527
Nonadecane (n-)629-92-5CSCGC FIDNIOSH1550
Nonane (n-)111-84-2CSCGC FIDNIOSH1550
Octane (n-)111-65-9CSCGC FIDNIOSH1550
Oil Mist (see Mineral Oil)-
Oxybischloromethane (see bis Chloromethyl ether BCME)542-88-1
PAH (available in a Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons scan)PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Particle size (100-25000 micron)-BulkSievingLABSOP
PCB (see Polychlorobiphenyls)-
Pentane (n-)109-66-0CSCGC FIDNIOSH1500
Pentanone-2107-87-9CSC, CBGC FIDNIOSH1300, 2555
Perchloroethylene (see Tetrachloroethylene)127-18-4CSCGC FIDNIOSH 1003
Petroleum Naphtha (see Naphtha)-CSCGC FIDNIOSH 1550
PGME (see 1-Methoxy-2-Propanol or 2-Methoxy-2 Propanol)107-98-2CB, CSCGC FIDNIOSH OSHA2554 99
Phenanthrene (see PAH scan)PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Phenol108-95-2XAD7GC FIDNIOSH2546
Phenol108-95-2XAD7HPLC UVOSHA32
Phenyl Ether101-84-8CSCGC FIDNIOSH1617
Phosphoric acid 7664-38-2MCEICOSHAID111
Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s) – scan of 16 -PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5506
Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (PAC's), total-PTFE+XAD2HPLC UVNIOSH5800
Polymer Dust (see Combustible dust)-PVCCombustion, GravimetricOSHTECHSOP
Potassium Hydroxide (see Alkaline Dust)1310-58-3PTFETitrationNIOSH 7401
Propanol (n-)71-23-8CSCGC FIDNIOSH1401
Propanol-2 (see Isopropyl Alcohol)67-63-0CSCGC FIDNIOSH1400
Propyl Acetate (n-)109-60-4CSCGC FIDNIOSH1450
Propyl Alcohol (see Propanol (n-))71-23-8CSCGC FIDNIOSH1401
Propyl Bromide (see Bromopropane (1-)106-94-5CSCGC FIDNIOSH 1025
Propylene Glycol57-55-6XAD7 OVSGC FIDNIOSH5523
Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether (alpha isomer) (see 1-Methoxy-2-Propanol)107-98-2CB, CSCGC FIDNIOSH OSHA2554, 99
Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate108-65-6CB, CSCGC FIDNIOSH, OSHA2554,99
Propylene Oxide75-56-9CSCGC FIDNIOSH1612
Pseudocumene (see Trimethylbenzene (1,2,4-))95-63-6CSCGC FIDOSHAPV2091
PVC Dust 9002-86-2weighed PTFEFTIRLABSOP
PVC Dust 9002-86-2wieghed PTFEGrav.LABSOP
Pyridine110-86-1CSCGC FIDNIOSH1613
Quartz (alpha-)14808-60-7PVCFTIRNIOSH7602
Quartz in bulk14808-60-7BulkFTIRNIOSH7602 wm
Quartz in soilBulkFTIRNIOSH7602 wm
R 114 (see Dichlorotetrafluoroethane (1,2-))76-14-2
R 12 (see Dichlorodifluoromethane)75-71-8
R 21 (see Dichlorofluoromethane)75-43-4
Refrractory Ceramic FibresAir, on MCEPCMNIOSH7400
Refrractory Ceramic FibresAir, on MCETEM
Respirable Combustible dust-PVCGravimetricLABSOP
Respirable Dust/Particulate (PNOS)-PVC, MCEGravimetricNIOSHO600
Rosin core solder - thermal decomposition products (see abietic acids)
Rubber fume-GFGravimetricMDHS47 wm
Rubber Solvent (see Naphtha)-CSCGC FIDNIOSH1550
Selenium7782-49-2MCEICP FAASNIOSH OSHA7300, ID121
Silica Cristalline (see Quartz or Cristobalite)-
Silicon7440-21-3MCEICP FAASNIOSH OSHA7300, ID121
Silver (available in a metal scan)7440-22-4MCEFAASOSHAID121
Size Distribution (see Particle Size)-
Sodium Hydroxide (see Alkaline Dust)1310-73-2PTFETitrationNIOSH7401
Stoddart Solvent-CSCGC FIDNIOSH1550
Strontium (available in a metal scan)7440-24-6MCEICP FAASNIOSH OSHA7300, ID121
Styrene100-42-5CSCGC FIDNIOSH1501
Sulfur7704-34-9MCEICP FAASNIOSH OSHA7300, ID121
Sulfur dioxide7446-09 5Cellulose Pad treatedICNIOSH6004
Sulfuric acid7664-93-9SGWICNIOSH7903
Sulfuric acid7664-93-9MCEICOSHAID113
TDI (See Toluene Diisocyanate)26471-62-5GF+1,2PPHPLC UVOSHA42
TEA gas (see Triethylamine)121-44-8XAD7+H3PO4GC NPDOSHAPV 2060
Tebuconazole107534-96-3QFGC NPDLABSOP
TEDA (see Triethylenediamine)-
Tetrachloroethylene127-18-4CSCGC FIDNIOSH1003
Tetrahydrofuran109-99-9CSCGC FIDNIOSH1609
Thallium (available in a metal scan)7440-28-0MCEICP FAASNIOSH OSHA7300, ID121
THC (see Naphtha)-
Tin (available in a metal scan)7440-31-5MCEICP FAASNIOSH OSHA7300, ID121
Titanium (available in a metal scan)7440-32-6MCEICP FAASNIOSH OSHA7300, ID121
TMA (see Trimellitic Anhydride)552-30-7
Toluene108-88-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH1501
Toluene Diisocyanate 2,4- and 2,6-26471-62-5GF+1,2PPHPLC UVOSHA42
Toluidine (o-)95-53-4SGGC NPDNIOSH2002
Toner Dust-MCE 25 mmPCMLABSOP
"Total" Dust/Particulates (Thoracic sizes) PNOS -PVC, MCE, GFGravimetricNIOSHO500
Total Volatile Organic Compounds, Naphtha range (See Naphtha)-
Trichloroethane (1,1,1-)71-55-6CSCGC FIDNIOSH1003
Trichloroethylene79-01-6CSCGC FIDNIOSH1022
Trichloromethane (see Chloroform)67-66-3CSCGC FIDNIOSH1003
Tridymite (as sum with cristobalite)PVCFTIRNIOSH7602
Triethylamine (TEA)121-44-8XAD7+H3PO4GC NPDOSHAPV2060
Triglycedyl isocyanurate2451-62-9GF SilanizedHPLC UVMDHS85
Trimethylbenzene (1,2,4-)95-63-6CSCGC FIDOSHAPV2091
Trimethylbenzenes (mixed isomers)CSCGC FIDOSHAPV2091
Trimethylbenzene (1,3,5-)108-67-8CSCGC FIDOSHAPV2091
Tripropylene Glycol Diacrylate42978-66-5Chrom 106GC FIDLABSOP
UFFI (see Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation)-
Undecane (n-)1120-21-4CSCGC FIDNIOSH1500
Uranium (available in a metal scan)7400-61-1MCEICP FAASNIOSH OSHA7300, ID121
Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation-BulkVISLABSOP
Vanadium (available in a metal scan)7400-62-2MCEICP FAASNIOSH OSHA7300, ID121
Vermiculite (asbestos content)BulkPLMEPA600/R93/116
Vinyl Acetate108-05-4CBGC FIDNIOSH1453
Vinyl Chloride75-01-42 CSCGC FIDNIOSH1007
Vinyl Toluene (m-, p- mixture)25013-15-4CSCGC FIDNIOSH1501
Vinylpyridine (2-) (see Ethenyl Pyridine (2-))100-69-6
VM&P Naphtha (see Naphthas)8032-32-4
Xylene (o-)95-47-6CSCGC FIDNIOSH1501
Xylenes (3 isomers)130-20-7CSCGC FIDNIOSH1501
Xylenes (m- + p-)106-42-3, 1330-20-7CSCGC FIDNIOSH1501
Zinc (available in a metal scan)7440-66-6MCEFAASNIOSH, OSHA7030, ID 121
Zirconuim (available in a metal scan)7440-67-7MCEICP FAASNIOSH OSHA7300, ID121