There are many separate environmental regulations governing business operations, land ownership and property use. A plethora of federal, regional and municipal regulations exist. With so many different requirements for clean air emissions, contaminant free water discharge to sewers, soil clean up, site remediation, safe transport & handling of chemicals, hazardous waste disposal and reduction of greenhouse gases broad impact is felt across all industries, employment sectors and communities. Meeting compliance requirements is a must for large & small scale enterprises alike, both public and private, but programs often fall short of due diligence objectives & best practices.  Sustainable and social responsible practices are demonstrated by pollution reduction, attention to public health & safety, use of environmentally friendly technologies, re-use of materials, reduced energy consumption, etc.  We occupy a small niche in this vast area.  Examples of the consulting engineering and surveillance services we provide are shown below. If you require assistance with any of these services please contact us.

Ambient Air Emissions

  • Air dispersion modelling by SCREEN3, AERMOD and O’Reg 346
  • Applications, permits and approvals for regulatory compliance
  • Emission summary reports
  • Acoustic assessments
  • NPRI reporting
  • Toxic substances reduction planning
  • Ambient pollen and mold counting

Risk Elements & Site Conditions

  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental site assessments
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Soil and groundwater contamination testing
  • Designated & hazardous substance evaluation for residual heavy metals (arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury), PCBs, petroleum hydrocarbons, PAHs, volatiles….
  • Sewer discharge sampling of ammonia, metals, suspended solids, oil & grease, etc. for by-law compliance

Certain toxins have been “designated” as hazardous substances because of their potential to accumulate, persist, impair or adversely effect ecosystems. These substances require appropriate strategies for waste transport, handling and disposal to control releases to the ambient environment. OSHTECH has completed numerous assessments of this type over the years. We can assist with site monitoring, risk assessment, containment programs, compliance practices, etc.