Testing of environmental conditions may be required for any number of different reasons not just in factories, but in offices, schools, residences, specialized facilities, commercial businesses, etc.  We provide services to assess exposures at work, to evaluate air quality, for compliance testing, to monitor the presence of contaminants, irritants, toxins and nuisances and for risk determination.  Sampling can objectively determine whether conditions are safe or acceptable. OSHTECH has a wide range of field sampling equipment, supplies, instruments and extensive experience in survey design. Please contact us if you require assistance.  We would be pleased to help.  Below are examples of some of the many studies we have performed

Air Sampling

  • Exposures to chemicals including: acids, adhesives, epoxy resins, hydrocarbons, pesticides, plastics, rubber fumes, etc.
  • Assessment of toxic dusts including: asbestossilica, diesel particulate matter, heavy metals, wood, mold, etc.
  • Designated substance sampling for asbestos, benzene, isocyanates, lead, mercury & silica
  • Exposure to welding fumes containing Chromium, Nickel, Manganese, Iron Oxide, etc.
  • Complaints related to odours, throat & eye irritants, new products, new process machinery
  • Clearance air sampling after removal of asbestos, mold, pests, etc. from work & living areas

Indoor Air Quality

Diagnostic services are provided to decipher the cause of indoor air quality issues in office buildings, schools, home & multi-living facilities, etc. OSHTECH has a wide range of test equipment, instruments to monitor air quality, as well as an ISO17025(2017) accredited laboratory to analyze and process air samples when investigating symptoms or complaints. Each situation requires a different solution and approach. We are experienced in handling concerns about:

  • Stale air causing symptoms of eye & throat irritation, lethargy, work interference, etc.
  • Slow chemical release of formaldehyde, volatiles (TVOCs), limonene, styrene, etc.
  • Mold exposures, MVOCs, damp building conditions
  • Building abatement & construction causing release of asbestos, lead, mold, etc.
  • Uncharacteristic or persistent odors
  • Ventilation and “fresh air” supply

Designated & Hazardous Substances

Certain toxins have been identified as “designated” or “hazardous” substances because of their potential to cause adverse effects in humans or the environment. These substances require appropriate strategies to control exposures & releases to the workplace &/or environment. These include heavy metals like arsenic, lead & mercury, volatiles like benzene & trichlorethylene, persistent substances like asbestos & PCBs, PAHs, Freons, etc. OSHTECH Incorporated has completed numerous designated & hazardous substance assessments over the years. We can assist with monitoring, risk assessment, containment programs, compliance practices, etc.

Noise, Vibration, Electromagnetic Radiation

We monitor physical agents such as noise, vibration, electromagnetic radiation and heat stress to assess the significance of these exposures and to establish precautionary measures.  That noise exposure can cause hearing loss, interfere with concentration, disturb communications & customer service, disrupt daily activities, etc. is fairly obvious.  Whole body vibrations can interfere with operation of machinery, disturb vision, produce motion sickness, contribute to back, joint and internal pain. Localized hand and arm vibration from power tools can damage the circulation & nerves. Vibrations from heavy equipment can also harm buildings & structures, disrupt monitoring systems, produce equipment failure & misalignment, etc. With electromagnetic radiation there are new concerns about exposure to extremely low frequencies (ELF & VLF), Wi-Fi communications, cell phones.   These are among the issues we tackle.  OSHTECH has software tools, measuring instruments, technical and expert skills to assess these issues.  We conduct:

  • Measurement surveys for noise dosimetry, sound mapping, compliance testing
  • Environmental & metabolic measurement studies for heat stress prevention programs
  • Risk assessments of exposures to whole body vibrations & power tools
  • Measurements of non-ionizing ELF, VLF, RF, Microwave radiation to determine electric & magnetic fields
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