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Our well-established laboratory specializes in occupational & environmental hygiene analysis of chemical contaminants. OSHTECH Laboratory (ID 157811) is accredited by the AIHA Laboratory Programs, LLC in the Industrial Hygiene accredidation program. Our AIHA LAP, LLC accredidation complies with ISO/IEC Stadnard 17025(2017) requirements. We perform many of the standard NIOSH, OSHA, and HSE methods of analysis. An abundant supply of sampling media is available. We assist clients in choosing the right methods & determining their sampling requirements. Select from the list of methods or email us with your request.  If you already have samples to submit download the chain of custody [below] and send them with your samples.  Otherwise, call us at  (519) 642-1122  to discuss your sampling objectives.  For more details examine the information below.

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Our laboratory focuses on analysis of samples and indoor air contaminants from work environments, where hazardous exposures may occur and need to be reliably quantified. Airborne chemical contaminants, surface wipes and bulk materials are analyzed. Additional support is available for advice on industrial hygiene sampling procedures for a wide range of gases, dusts, & vapours.

We routinely test for more than 200 different industrial solvents, decomposition products, volatile substances, inhalable particulates, metals, asbestos, isocyanates, crystalline silica, PAH’s, amines, aldehydes, many other organic & inorganic compounds….. including analysis for mold spores.

R&D is performed to improve methods, to validate materials, to find answers for customers, to build reliable material safety data sheets. Unique tests are offered for  analysis of airborne chloramines, PVC dust, etc.  Contact us with your request and we will be pleased to assist. If you require chemical consulting call us at  (519) 642-1122  to discuss your sampling strategy or send an email. Ask if you have questions about unknown chemicals or challenging sampling requirements.

OSHTECH provides a full service Industrial Hygiene laboratory.  Our staff includes specialists in Analytical, Applied, Organic, & Inorganic Chemistry of the highest academic qualifications and experience. Standard NIOSH, OSHA, HSE and EPA methods are the backbone of our analytical services, but other analytical techniques are available.  Recent years have witnessed the introduction of a wide range of new chemicals into consumer products, the environment & the workplace, many of which lack established test methods.  The Laboratory conducts R&D and develops new analytical methods to respond to these needs. Click here to learn more.

Asbestos containing materials can be encountered in “every day” situations, even though usage is now banned.  Until about 1980 asbestos fibres were widely used as insulating materials, in fireproofing, as structural additives in construction materials, for chemical resistance in gaskets, etc.

Our  laboratory analyses a large volume of asbestos samples every month, mainly construction materials & insulation products. We also perform fiber counting of air samples to assess abatement activities. We have a rigorous QC program. External comparison checks are conducted regularly to ensure the competencies of our analysts, along with internal verification procedures.  Our laboratory (ID 157811) is accredited by the AIHA LAP, LLC in the Industrial Hygiene accreditation program for asbestos field of testing as documented by the Scope of Accreditation Certificate and associated Scope.
We offer asbestos analysis by PLM and PCM.  Standard NIOSH and EPA methods are employed. Analyses of samples by Polarized Light Microscopy accordingly to EPA 600/R-93/116 method allows for detection down to a limit of 0.5% asbestos by wt. Click here to learn more.

Concern about mold exposures has grown drastically over the past few years. We provide a range of testing and laboratory services to help investigate & resolve mold concerns, including:

  • Assessment of water damaged building materials
  • Analysis and identification /speciation of molds spores
  • Analysis of MVOCs derived from hidden mold
  • Taple lift evaluation of surface contamination for mold
  • Testing services for air sampling of mold, pollen, bacteria and endotoxins in the work environment

OSHTECH is registered as an NAB (National Allergy Bureau) testing facility, the only one in Canada. Throughout the year, except in winter, we conduct ambient daily sampling for accurate mold and pollen counts.

Among the countless different chemicals & potentially harmful products in circulation, a comparatively small handful of chemicals can be tested using the established Standard Methods. The combined list of Standard Methods by NIOSH, OSHA, EPA, ASTM, and MDHS covers only about 2,000 – 5,000 chemical compounds.

OSHTECH has developed analytical methods in areas that are not covered by these Standard Methods. For example, methods are available to analyze for chloramines, PVC dust, nanoparticles. Other methods are currently under development as part of our ongoing research program. Click here to read more. If you find yourself in this position we would be pleased to assist.  Call or email us to discuss.

A wide selection of sampling media is required for the collection of dust, fumes, vapor, and gases. The right choice of media depends upon the physical & chemical properties of the air contaminant, but also the mode of analysis and the objectives of sampling. Many of these are prescribed by NIOSH, OSHA, HSE, ASTM, and EPA methods.  A list is provided for your convenience (see the standard test methods).  Some air contaminants can be captured or analyzed by more than one method. When multiple contaminants are being tracked the choice becomes more complex. Also, situations and sampling objectives may dictate a change of plans requiring modification to the customary approach.

Consult the lab to discuss your sampling and media requirements. We will provide the right sampling media and instruments to get the job done.  We have a full inventory of sampling tubes and filters, including common sorbents including XAD resin, charcoal, molecular sieve beads, silica gel, etc. and specially treated filters and tubes for selective sampling.

Contact us and we would be pleased to assist.