Noise & Hearing Conservation

OSHTECH Incorporated has a fully qualified team of Industrial Hygienists, Ergonomics Consultants and Engineers to provide a full range of consulting and training services to help ensure that your workplace health and safety program related to noise and hearing conservation is in good order.
Ever wonder about the potential for employee hearing loss due to noise in your workplace? Did you know that noise-induced hearing loss claims accounted for an estimated $100 million in WSIB compensation costs from 1995 to 2004? Are you unsure whether your employees require hearing protection or what type might be appropriate? Do your workplace conditions comply with the new Ontario Noise Regulations? Looking to determine sound levels associated with a particular machine, process or piece of equipment and/or to evaluate the potential effectiveness of engineering controls? Are you looking to develop and/or improve your workplace hearing conservation program (HCP) aimed at preventing hearing loss? Do you need training to learn the basics of noise, HCP’s and legislative requirements?
At OSHTECH Incorporated, we’re well equipped with an extensive fleet of instrumentation, including sound level meters and dosimeters, as well as years of experience conducting workplace noise surveys and developing hearing conservation programs. Please contact us to discuss how we can help meet your workplace-specific noise needs.


Vibrations can harm buildings and structures, disrupt monitoring systems and equipment, cause premature failure, misalignment, lead to error reporting messages, etc. Human exposures to whole body vibrations can interfere with operation of machinery, disturb vision, cause motion sickness, or contribute to back, joint and internal pain. Localized hand and arm vibrations transmitted by power tools can damage the circulation and nerves.  Musculoskeletal disorders may result.  Engineering measurement studies are performed to assess the frequencies, injury risk potential and to determine appropriate solutions.