How to Send Samples to the Lab

  1. Fill in our sample submission form
  2. Samples can be delivered in-person or mailed to our Toronto or London location. (Please click here for delivery addresses)
  3. Turnaround times are 5 days, 24 hours, 8 hours (same day)

Price for analysis

The price for asbestos and vermiculite analysis will vary depending upon the turnaround time and the number of samples.

Please phone our office in London (519)-642-1122, and one of our representatives will provide you the rates for your samples. We accept VISA, MC, cheque, debit, e-transfer or cash.

*You may be required to pay before receiving your report*

How to Collect Asbestos and Vermiculite Samples

Collecting Vermiculite samples

  1. Collect 1 cup from 3 random areas of the attic, scooped from the bottom of the layer (For a total of 3 cups)
  2. Place it in a sealed (ZipLok) bag or another container (it will be considered as 1 sample).
  3. Fill in the Request for Analysis form with your instructions & contact information.
  4. Identify the sample location on the Request for Analysis form

Collecting Asbestos samples

  1. Collect the recommended amount (please see the table below)
  2. Place sample in Ziploc bag, lock it and place it into the second bag.
  3. If the sample is sharp, place it into a clean airtight container.
  4. Fill in the Request for Analysis Form with your instructions & contact information.
  5. Identify the sample location.

Amount of Sample Required